Book 22 - Northern America

Northern America is the northern part of the Americas, including the USA and Canada, plus some islands like Groendland (Danemark), Bermuda (Great Britain) and Saint-Pierre and Miquelon (France).

More for you about the Northern America and the arrival of the Europeans:

  1. The Geography of NA<
    1. The Tectonic Plates
    2. North America Now
    3. The Relief of NA
    4. The Population of NA
  2. The Great Explorers of NA<
    1. The First Great Explorers
    2. An Irishman Visited us in the Fifth Century
    3. The Norwegian Erik the Red
    4. Leif Ericson Arrives in America
    5. Hunters and Fishermen to NA
    6. The Discovery of the Azores
    7. The First Trading Posts in NA
    8. John Cabot
    9. Giovanni da Verrazzano
    10. The Voyages of Jacques Cartier
      1. The First Voyage of Jacques Cartier
      2. The Second Voyage of Jacques Cartier (1535)
      3. The Second Voyage of Jacques Cartier (1536 )
    11. The Northwest Passage
      1. The Passage to India
      2. The First Attempts
      3. Other Tests via the Pacific
      4. Some Exploration from the Continent
      5. John Franklin
      6. The Discovery of the Passage
  3. The Colonization of NA<
    1. The First Settlers Wintering in NA
    2. Champlain in Quebec City
      1. Before his Arrival in Québec
      2. The Founding of Québec
      3. The Explorations of Champlain
      4. Champlain Administor of the Colony
      5. The End of the Life of Champlain
    3. Major disturbances
    4. The Loyalist Migration
      1. The British Colonies in NA
      2. A Revolution in North America
      3. The British Political Refugees
      4. The Arrival of the First Loyalists
      5. The Arrival of the Second Group of Loyalists
      6. The Iroquois Lose their Land
      7. The Great Migration of 1783
      8. The Loyalists in Nova Scotia
        1. The Birth of Shelburne
        2. The St. John River
        3. The Winslow Petition
      9. The Loyalists Arrived in the Province of Québec
        1. The Iroquois Refugees
        2. The Loyalists in the Eastern Townships
        3. Upper Canada in 1783
        4. Upper Canada in 1784
        5. The Colony of Upper Canada
        6. Other Settlements