Book 10 - The Financial World

Who manage the money?  The financial institutions.  Everybody, even the governement, give it money to the banks and other financial institutions.  And the banks use that money as their own!  Sometimes, it is even difficult to withdraw our own money!Who are these financial institutions?

And the central banks, not the governement, use the money to control the economy.  How do they do that?  Why are we giving so  much power to the banks?

The Content of this Book

  1. The Goal in The Financial World<
  2. The Pedagogical Objectives in The Financial World<
  3. The Financial Institutions
    1. The Banks
    2. The Insurance
    3. The Trusts
    4. The Brokerage
  4. The Central Bank
    1. The Bank Rate
    2. The Federal Reserve System
  5. The Integration of the Financial Institutions
  6. La Caisse de Dépôt et Placement du Québec
  7. The Investment Funds
  8. The Common Share Funds
  9. The Stock Markets
  10. The Monetary Problematic
  11. Some Questions for Reviewing the Financial World
    1. The Definitions og the Financial World
    2. Some Questions
    3. More Questions
  12. The Notes on the Financial Institutions and the Monetary Problematic
  13. Elder Banking . . . PRICELESS!!<
  14. Investing In Today's Troubled Econom<y
    1. Initial Investment Requirements
    2. Common Investments
    3. Overall Profit
    4. Accessibility
    5. Security
    6. Splitting Investments: The Diversified Portfolio
    7. Investing in Today's Unstable Economy
    8. Mediagraphy on Investing
    9. Conclusion on Investin
  15. Inflation<
    1. Origins of Inflation
    2. Inflation cycle
    3. GDP & CPI
    4. A Mediagraphy on Inflation
    5. A Conclusion of Inflation
  16. Keynesian Theories on Inflation<

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