Book 09 - The Money

This book presents the most popular topic of the economy:  the money.  What is the money?  Now, we create the money:  what that means? 

The Content of this Book

  1. The Goal
  2. The Learning Objectives
  3. The History of Money<
    1. The Money Before Banking
      1. The Metal Money
      2. The Fiduciary Money
      3. The Convertible Fiduciary Money
      4. The Non Convertible Fiduciary Money
    2. The Central Banks
    3. The Scriptural Money
    4. The International Monetary Funds
    5. The Electronic Money
  4. The Money in Canada<
    1. The Canadian Money before Banking
      1. Wampum
      2. The statement of Peter Davidson
      3. A Penniless Canada
      4. The Bank Laws
      5. The Notes of the Bank of Canada
      6. The Nest Eggs
  5. The Scriptural Money<
  6. The Form of Money<
    1. The Striking of Money
    2. The Printing of Money
    3. The Thrue Creation of Money
      1. The Circulation of Money
      2. The Money Liquidity
    4. The Original Deposit
      1. The Origin of the Original Deposit
      2. The Transfert within the Economy
      3. The Other Transferts by Checks
    5. The Multiplication of Money
      1. The Creation of Credit
      2. The Multiplier of Money: no maths
      3. The Legal Reserve
      4. The Multiplier of Money: with maths
  7. The Money Market<
    1. A Matter of Wording or of Comprehension
    2. The Supply and Demand of Money
      1. The Demand of Money
      2. The Supply of Money
      3. The Law of Supply and Demand for Money
    3. The nominal and Real Interest Rates
  8. The Quantitative Theory of Money<
    1. A Very Old Monetary Theory M*V=P*T
    2. The Hypotheses
    3. The Results
    4. The Empirical Verifications
  9. Some Questions for Reviewing<
    1. The Definitions
    2. Some Questions
    3. An Expérience on the Velocity of Money