Book 05 - The Diagrams

This book presents the systemic interrelationships within the national economy, such as the production, the consumption, the saving, the investment, the government and the central bank.

The book content:

  1. The Goal of the Diagrams<
  2. The Learning Objectives of the Diagrams<
  3. The First Diagram of the Economy<
  4. The Simple Economic Diagram<
    1. The Origin of the Economic Activity
    2. The Foundations of Economic Activity
    3. The Four Fundamental Relationships
    4. The First Four Circuits
      1. The Output Circuit
      2. The Consumption Circuit
      3. The Physical Circuit of Goods and Services
      4. The Simple Monetary Circuit
  5. Introducing the Saving and the Investment<
    1. Some Distinctions Related to the Saving
      1. Saving and Profit
      2. Expense and Disbursement
      3. Placement and Investment
      4. Where the Saving Is Coming From?
    2. An Economic Model With Saving and Investment
    3. The Flow of Saving
    4. The Investment in the Diagram
    5. Say's Market Law
  6. The National Accounts<
    1. The "Tableau" of Quesnay
    2. The Economic Production
      1. The Gross Domestic Product (GDP)
        1. GDP and GNP
        2. Some Notes on the GDP
      2. The Nominal Production
      3. The Real Production
      4. The Net Domestic Product (NDP)
    3. The National Income
    4. The Personal Income
    5. The Personal Disposable Income
  7. Production and Growth in Canada and Québec<
    1. The Production
      1. The Canadian GDP
      2. The Nominal and the Real Production
    2. The Nominal and Real Growth
    3. The Growth of Canada Economy
      1. The Nominal and Real Growth
      2. The Rates of Annual Nominal and Rreal Growth
    4. The Real Production in Canada
      1. The Growth since 1954
      2. The Rates of Annual Growth since 1954
      3. The 1954-1974 Period
      4. The 1964-1984 Period
      5. The 1970-1989 Period
      6. The 1976-1997 Period
      7. The 1976-1999 Period
    5. The Québec Production
      1. The Current production
      2. The Real Production
      3. The Three Rates of Inflation, Nominal and Real Growth
      4. The Incomes of Québékers
        1. The GDP at Factors Prices
        2. The GDP at Factors Costs
        3. The GDP at Market Prices
        4. The Real GDP in 1992 Constant Dollars
      5. The Salaries
  8. The Pipeline of the Economy<
    1. The Five Tanks of the Economy
    2. The Two Drivers of the Economy
    3. The Overall Balance of the Economy
  9. The Diagram of the National Economy<
    1. The Foundations of the National Economy
    2. The Saving in the National Economy
    3. The Government in the National Economy
    4. The Integration of All the Agents of the National Economy
    5. The Control of the National Economy
      1. The Central Bank
      2. The Three Functions of a Central Bank
      3. The Federal Finances
      4. The Interest Rates
      5. The "Caisse centrale Desjardins"
    6. The National Economy in the World
  10. Some Questions for Reviewing the Diagrams<
    1. The Definitions of the Diagrams