Book 04 - The Systems

This book defines the diferent social and political systems in which the real economy is mixed every day and every where in the world.  The Québec and Canadian context will also be presented.

In this book, we see the human sciences linked together.  At this very beginning of the learning of the economic science, at the basic level, all the human knowlledge seems to have the same importance.

On the other hand, we need to show what is specific to this science of the economy, and to give back to Ceasar what is Ceasar’s. 

The Content of this Book:

  1. The Goal of the Systems<
  2. The Learning Objectivs of the Systems<
  3. The Modern Economic Systems<
    1. The Tradition
      1. What happened in the Tsarist Russia?
      2. The Politial and the Economic Systems
      3. The Major Political Modern Systems
    2. The Capitalist System
      1. Capitalism and Capitalism
      2. Before the Industrial Revolution
      3. The First Industrial Revolution
        1. The Origin of the First Factories
        2. What Were these First Factories?
        3. The Development of these Factories
        4. The Workers Life
        5. The Results of the Industrial Revolution
      4. The Second Industrial Revolution
      5. The Other Industrial Revolutions
      6. The New Economy
      7. The True Economic Aspects of the Capitalist System
        1. The Liberalism
        2. The Private Property
        3. The Marxian View
        4. The Conclusion of the Capitalist System
      8. Lenin and the Imperialism
      9. The Compassionate Capitalism
        1. Get Ready!
        2. Get Set!
        3. Go!
        4. Reaching the Goal:  Helping ourselves and Helping Others
      10. The Neoconomy
        1. An Introduction to the Neoconomy
        2. The Origin of the Neoconomy
        3. The First US Federal Tax Cuts
        4. The US Deficit Increases
        5. The Second US Federal Tax Cuts
        6. The Third US Federal Tax Cuts
        7. The Expected Results of the Bush Jr. Budgets
    3. The Communist System
      1. Two Ways to See It
      2. An Historical Development
      3. A Conclusion on the Communist System
    4. The Socialist System
      1. The Socialism in Itself
      2. The Socialization
      3. The Social-Democracy
      4. The Parliamentary Democracy
    5. The Totalitarian System
  4. The Cold War<
    1. The Origin of the Cold War
    2. The Berlin Wall
    3. Some Consequences of the End of the Cold War
      1. The Cold War in Europe
      2. Weapons Stocks and More!
      3. The Creation of the Internet
      4. Towards Globalization
    4. The Differences are Fading Away
  5. The Terrorism<
    1. Problems of Today
      1. Fresh Water Reserves
      2. Global Warming
      3. Canadian Civilian Support
      4. Energy Crisis
      5. Dealing with Terrorism vs. Tourism
      6. Statistics on the Problems
      7. Mediagraphy on the Problems
      8. Conclusion on the Problems
    2. The 2008 War in South Ossetia
      1. Russian Participation
      2. Equipment Used
      3. The War in Cyberspace
      4. Consequences for the Geo-Political Situation in the Area
      5. Impact on the Georgian Economy
      6. Mediagraphy on Ossetia War
      7. Conclusion on Ossetia War
  6. On Lab<or in the Systems<
    1. An Introduction to Labour and Wages
    2. The Working Time
      1. The Life Expectancy of a Worker
      2. The Years of Work
      3. The Days of Work
      4. The Hours of Work
      5. The Working Hours in One’s Life
    3. First Things First
      1. The Personal Organization of One’s Time
      2. The Pursuit of True North
      3. The Law of the Farm
      4. The Urgency vs. the Importance
    4. The New Art of Time
    5. The Productive and the Unproductive Labour
    6. The Nominal Wages and The Real Wages
  7. The Multinationals<
    1. The Definition of a Multinational
    2. The First Multinational
      1. SO, ESSO and EXXON
      2. Monroe Jack Rathbone
      3. Esso 2003-1
    3. Other US Multinationals
    4. Non-US Multinationals
    5. The Multinational Issues
      1. The Transmission of the Resources
      2. The Orientation of the Multinationals
      3. The Evolution of the Product
  8. The State Capitalism<
    1. The Soviet Style State Capitalism
      1. The First State Capitalism
      2. Perestroika
      3. The Changes in the East
        1. Perestroika
        2. Yeltsin Got Gorbachev Under its Boot
        3. Yeltsin's Presidency
        4. The Presidencies of Vladimir Putin
          1. Putin Political Debut
          2. Putin First Two Presidencies
          3. Medvedev and Putin
          4. The Third Putin's Presidency
        5. The Economic Reforms
          1. The Price Liberalization
          2. The Privatizations
          3. The Budget Deficit
          4. The Results of the De-Sovietization
          5. The Lessons Learned in Russia
      4. Change in the West
    2. The State Capitalism
    3. The Soviet State Capitalism
    4. The Scandinavian State Capitalism
    5. The Capitalist or Oil State Capitalism
      1. An Introduction to Oil
      2. More About Oil
        1. What Oil Is
        2. The Making of Oil
        3. The Exploitation of Oil
        4. The Transportation of Oil
        5. Pollution by Oil
        6. Oil and the Agricultural Crisis
        7. Alternatives to Oil
      3. OPEC or The Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries.
        1. The Origin of OPEC
        2. The Members of OPEC
        3. The Evolution of OPEC
        4. The History of OPEC
        5. The Weaknesses of the OPEC
        6. More on OPEC
      4. A Scarce Resource Cause of Conflicts
        1. Oil Conflicts
        2. The 1973 Oil Crisis
        3. The Inequality Between Oil Countries
        4. Large Oil Reserves
        5. War For Oil
        6. Oil as a Magnet for War
        7. The Unstoppable Use of Oil
      5. The Production of Oil
        1. The Production Forecast
        2. World Crude Oil Production
        3. Petroleum Processing
      6. The Price of Oil
        1. 7 Sisters and OPEC
        2. The Price of Oil in 1990s
        3. Changes in the Price of Oil
        4. The Price of Oil is Rising
        5. Oil on the Stock Exchange
        6. The Value of Oil
      7. About Fuel
        1. What is AQUIP?
        2. The Price of Fuel
        3. Oil Refineries in Québec.
        4. Gas Emissions
        5. Some Tips to Save Fuel
        6. A Mediagraphy on Oil
        7. A Conclusion on Oil
    6. The State Capitalism in Canada and Québec
      1. The State Capitalism in Québec
      2. Québec Hydro
      3. The Former Petro-Canada
  9. Some Questions for Reviewing the Systems<
    1. The Definitions of the Systems