Book 03 - The Environment

This course introduces the global economy in its economic0-socio-political environment, the modes of production and the organization of the society in history and today.

The content of this book:

  1. The Goal of the Environment<
  2. The Learning Objectives of the Environment<
  3. The Precapitalist Production Systems<
    1. The Autarcy
    2. The Tribe System
    3. The Craftmen
    4. The Trade
  4. The Overall Organization of the Society<
    1. The Feudalism
      1. The American Slavery
      2. The Seigneurial System in Québec
        1. The Process of the Seigneurial System
        2. The Environment Management System
        3. The Constraints of the Seigneurial System
        4. The Reform of the Seigneurial System
    2. The Colonial System
      1. The Evolution of Colonialism
      2. The Management of the Colonial System
      3. The Colonization of the Palestine by the Jews
        1. A Geographic Overview of the Palestine
        2. An Historical Overview of the Palestine
        3. Zionism
        4. The Balfour Declaration
        5. The British Mandate and the Creation of Israel
        6. The Israeli Wars
        7. The Jewish Settlements in Palestine
    3. The Nation State
      1. The Definition of a Nation State
      2. The Nation-State Which Divide
      3. The Welfare State
    4. The Cosmic Ages
  5. The Governments<
    1. The Powers of the Government
    2. The Canadian Constitution
    3. The Federal Government
    4. The Provinces and Québec
    5. The Taxation
    6. The Equalization Program
  6. Some Ecological Notes<
    1. The UN Fears a Surge Northward
      1. The UN Does Not Want to Lose the North
      2. UNPE and the North
      3. Quebec and the "Plan Nord"
      4. Canada Asserts its Sovereignty Over the North
      5. The Warming of the Arctic
    2. The Arctic Ocean Ice in 2012
      1. The Arctic Ice Is Melting Rapidly
      2. Arctic Ocean Ice at the Lowest
      3. The Arctic Ocean Ice (bis)
      4. UN Alarmed by the Record Melting of Arctic Ice in 2012
      5. Cryosat Reveals Widespread Melting of Ice 
    3. The Ice Ages
      1. The Major Ice Ages
      2. The Last Major Ice Period
      3. The Global Warming
      4. The Little Ice Age
      5. The Icy Years of 1600 and After
    4. The Carbon Economy
  7. The Questions for Reviewing the Environment<
    1. The Definitions of the Environment
    2. How to Improve your Knowledge on ET