Book 00 - Economic Studies

Beside the books that contain the strick standard economic teaching in a systemic process, I also wrote some analyses on various economic topics and humanities in general.

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Dali's Economic World

The Content of this Book

  1. Foreword<
    1. A Presentation
    2. Systematic and Systemic Effort
    3. The Science of Economics
    4. For a Pedagogy of the Economy
  2. My Economy! - Why I Came in China?<
    1. Money
    2. Amway Products
    3. Population
    4. Conclusion
  3. The Economy of the Twenty-First Century<
    1. The Production in the Twenty-First Century
    2. The Consumption in the Twenty-First Century
    3. The Distribution in the Twenty-First Century
    4. The Taxation in the Twenty-First Century
    5. An Recent Example of Bad Political Decision
    6. Dream and Commitment
  4. The American Way Of Life<
  5. Yager System<
  6. Benjamin Franklin - Autobiography<