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From temperature to climate

By Bernard

As early as 2010, we started to say that CFCs were greenhouse gases, but in very low concentrations, four hundred times less than carbon dioxide, causing up to thirteen percent of the energy absorbed by gases Greenhouse effect. It was added that the hole in the ozone layer would cause up to two percent of global warming, allowing more of the Earth's energy to flow into the space vacuum. I would add that these claims were very ethereal, but that they showed a new approach to climate.

Data from several recognized research centers show that the Earth’s temperature has not risen steadily since 1880, when modern scientific data began.

Let us also remember these two recent environmental struggles, those of acid rain and the ozone layer, before attempting to explain the origin of the current climate change crisis.

  1. The acid rain crisis<
  2. The ozone layer<
  3. The term 'climate change'<
  4. The three climate crises<
  5. Reflexion on the climate crisis<
  6. A new theory is needed<