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A summary report for decision makers

By Bernard

Like the IPCC, I propose this summary report for decision-makers.

The climate crisis (also known as climate change, among others) was triggered by reports from the IPCC, created in November 1988 at the request of the G7 under pressure from Ronald Reagan and Margaret Thatcher. Their objective was to lower the price of crude oil, favoring Western countries and disadvantaging Russia, the Arab countries, Venezuela and Colombia. Alberta suffered collateral damage.

The greenhouse effects
The IPCC says that the climate crisis is a consequence of the greenhouse effects created by the 400 parts per million of carbon sent by humans into the atmosphere and that the greenhouse effects prevent the heat of the earth's soil from reaching the sidereal vacuum, warming the Earth's climate, especially since 1980.

But everyone knows that the greenhouse effects are zero during the night and when the clouds hinder the effect of solar rays. In addition, the 400 parts per million carbon is very porous, leaving 999600 parts per million of vacuum. Finally, do not forget that the heat of the Earth comes from the Sun, not from our soil.

In conclusion, the greenhouse effects are scientifically unproven.

The real enemy of the climate is the chlorine contained in CFCs, which has been banned from humanity since the Montreal Protocol. CFCs travel to the stratosphere over a period of about 15 years and float there for several decades.

At this level, CFCs are disintegrated by the UV rays of the sun, releasing chlorine, which is a very unstable element, like a baby without responsibility at both ends! A single chlorine atom will destroy up to 200,000 ozone molecules. This is what caused the hole in the ozone layer, now in resorption because the Montréal Protocol.

Ozone protects living beings by preventing lethal UV rays from reaching the earth's surface. The depletion of stratospheric ozone led the international community to ban CFCs and more under the Montréal Protocol.

In addition, ozone is at the center of the spectrum of visible light, limiting the effect of solar rays that warm the Earth. The CRE theory of Professor Qing-Bin Lu, of the University of Waterloo, explains that the reduction of stratospheric ozone due to human-made CFCs is the only cause of the increase of the earth's temperature since 1980.

The recovery of the ozone layer at the turn of the century led to a stabilization of the Earth's temperature after 2002 and its decrease since February 2016, the hottest month since 1900.
In conclusion, carbon is a friend of humanity, while chlorine is the only enemy of the climate.

To face the truth
For decades after 1970, we were convinced that the fat we ate was causing obesity. Today, we learned the truth.

Today everyone is repeating, with Greta, that climate change is leading us to the end of the world, a true apocalypse. To show the truth to the world will require courage and a good reaction strategy.