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The real climate changes

By Bernard

In 2008, Professor Qing-Bin Lu of the University of Waterloo presented predictions for changes in Earth's temperature for the following years. He said that ozone has suffered losses over eleven-year cycles, along with the cooling of the polar stratosphere, between 1956 and 2008. He said that the temperature of the polar stratosphere is determined solely by the volume of ozone in the polar stratosphere and that GHGs other than CFCs have little influence. He then predicted that the twenty-first century will see a reversal in the recent trend of global warming.

After several refusals, his report was finally published online in Physics Reports on December 3, 2009. Other reports were then published showing that CFCs had caused a six-tenth-degree Celsius increase in Earth's temperature from 1950 to 2000, before possible decline with the decrease of CFCs through the Montreal Protocol.

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