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The greenhouse effects

By Bernard

The greenhouse effects is easy to observe in a simple greenhouse. As a horticultural farmer, I watched it when we had to open the edges of the greenhouse in March to reduce the heat caused by the sun in my production greenhouse, despite more than a meter of snow all around.

We know that the heat of the Earth comes almost exclusively from the Sun, but that it escapes towards the very cold sidereal vacuum when it is not retained by the atmosphere. We also know that the temperature on the ground is higher when the sky is cloudy, but lower when the sky is cloudless. Clouds can be said to exert a greenhouse effect, keeping the heat in the atmosphere. However, clouds are not GHGs, because they are not formed exclusively of gas, but also of liquids or solids. Yet, they have a greenhouse effect that we easily observe, but scientists do not consider them!

  1. The natural greenhouse effects<
  2. Greenhouse gases<
  3. Remarks<
  4. The troposphere<
  5. The water vapor<
  6. The secret of the greenhouse effects<
  7. The reality of the garden greenhouse<
  8. The theory of the garden greenhouse effects<
  9. The theory of the atmospheric greenhouse effects<
  10. Atmospheric convection and the greenhouse effects<
  11. The Earth as a greenhouse<
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