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Earth's temperature

By Bernard

I found three very different sources of earth temperature, showing anomalies, being the difference between the temperature of a giving period and the temperature observed on such date. These are the Americans, the British and the Europeans, whose statistics I present to you.

I will allow myself to compare these organizations:

  • Who use a useless display device
  • Who do not have the same basis of comparison
  • Who have very different methods of analyzing the Earth temperature


Here are the monthly anomalies (the presentation device) of the three organizations since 2010. The ordinate shows the increase in terrestrial temperature, or anomaly, of each organization versus their different base years and according to their different methods. We note the maximum of February 2016 and the relative drop in Earth temperature since then.

I end this section with a presentation of the real data of the Earth's temperature and an analysis of the increase in this temperature over the past half century.

  1. The USA<
  2. The British<
  3. The Europeans<
  4. The anomalies<
  5. The anomalies on different bases<
  6. Three poorly comparable data sets<
  7. The extreme land temperatures<
  8. Temperature and oil production<