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The climate

By Bernard

The climate change crisis did not happen suddenly because someone got up on the wrong foot. It's a long tragic story for science. Several pseudoscientists have created a psychosis that has now spread over our entire blue planet.

Simultaneous changes in terrestrial temperature and carbon dioxide increase between 1970 and 2000 have led the IPCC to say that human carbon dioxide causes Earth's temperature to rise. Today, we have problems with this theory.

To truly understand climate change, more precise measurements of solar radiation are needed, and one should understand how this radiation is absorbed throughout the spectrum of radiation.

It should also be known that the absorption of GHGs is already saturated and how the climate reacts to these radiation changes.

  1. Jean-Baptiste Joseph Fourier<
  2. John Tyndall<
  3. Svante August Arrhenius<
  4. Knut Joan Ångström<
  5. The spectrum of solar radiation<
  6. The radiative balance of the Earth<
  7. Natural drivers of climate change<
  8. Guy Stewart Callendar<
  9. Charles David Keeling<
  10. Gunnar Myhre<
  11. A summary on the climate<