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General conclusion

By Bernard

Canada is full of natural ressources.

Canada is exporting its natural ressources, not being able to use them for itself, because its population is scarce compare to its territory.

Canada is second for Nickel, fifth for Zinc and eight for Copper production in the world.

The world's largest exporter of minerals and metals, Canada's mining sector was considered a pillar of the economy and a way of life for Canadians. Canada was the third-largest exporter in zinc, fifth in copper and among the leading producers of nickel. Yet, the country only recently began to fully develop many of its most important mineral resources, and resources developed earlier continued to display great growth potential.  However, Canada's mineral industry was primarily export oriented, with as much as 90% of some commodities going to external markets.

The Canadian mine market is fully open;  just make an order, it will be available for you!