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Nickel in Canada

By Bernard

Canada is a global leader in nickel and cobalt. All of Canada’s nickel and cobalt are hosted in sulphide ores, hence the need to smelt, unlike most of Australia and New Caledonia’s ore which is hosted in lateritic terrains and extracted using the pressure acid leaching technique.  After Russia, Canada is the world’s 2nd largest nickel. Nickel mine production is dominated by two companies, Vale and Xstrata.

One of the world’s largest nickel companies, Vale produces copper and cobalt as a co product of its Sudbury operations in Canada. The future of the Vale controlled Voisey’s Bay deposit is bright (see later). The original founder, Diamond Fields, is now a wholly owned subsidiary of Vale.

Xstrata has massive operations on the Sudbury area as well as the newly commissioned Raglan mine. A significant new producers is Raglan mine.  I show you this mine as an exemple of Canadian Mines.  Later, the story of Voisey’s Bay Development.

  1. Raglan Nickel Copper Mine, Québec, Canada<
  2. Voisey's Bay<