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The Learning Objectives of This Science

By Bernard

This first book will first define the economy, present this science and situate it among the arts and the sciences.

The economy is surely an abstract science, but it also presents a lot of daily utilisations in the media (newspapers, radio and TV).  We still see why the economy can be seen as a science and how it distinguishes itself from the other sciences, more specically from the other human and social sciences.

Later, we will distinguish the three schools of the economy, being the political economy, the economics and the economic education.  The classical division between the macro and the micro economics will also been integreted.  Finaly, we will explain the meaning of the "economic analysis".

Lastly, we will see how the education had changed from its beginning in Québec, more spécically the teaching of the economic science in the public schools.

For the art of the economy, we will use it in every other books, giving exemples and many defferent usages.