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The Diagram of the Sciences

By Bernard

Now, we will see the diagram of the sciences, which will show the proper place of the economy among the sciences.

The first step is not in that diagram.  It is about the opinions, the faith, the belief, the doctrices or the ideologies.  These human thoughts cannot be part fo the diagram of the sciences because they are outside of the object of the sciences, which are only facts, pure facts.

For exemple, I cannot believe that the earth is flat because I've been around it, many times:  it's not a belief, it's a fact.  Sciences only deal with facts.  If some people believe that the earth is flat, it cannot be a scientific say.

If we forget about these non scientific knowledge, we will have two kinds:

  1. The sciences, being knowledge by itself , and
  2. The arts, which are the applications of the scientific knowledge in the concrete.

For exemple, the surgeon is an artist who applies his medical knowledge in the surgery room.

The economy being a science, let's look at them.  They are two kinds of sciences:

  1. The physical sciences, which study the nature as itself, as physic, biology, chemistry, astronomy...
  2. The human sciences, which study the human as itself.

For exemple, when the biologists study the human body, it is as a natural living thing, not a free human person;  there is no liberty in the digestion process!

Among the human science, we find the social sciences, which study the human living in a society.  Each of these social sciences study the human from a different perspective:

  1. The anthropology studies the human codes:  don't marry your sister!
  2. The sociology studies the relations: in the family, at the work places...
  3. The political science studies the influences:  a group chooses a leader, and the leader leads the group.
  4. The economy studies the exchanges among humans.

We find three great schools in the economy:

  1. The political economy,
  2. The economics and
  3. The economic education.


The Diagram of the Sciences