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What is happening in China?

By Bernard

In 2008, I had prepared this short presentation on the economic situation in China. Here is a good opportunity to learn what you do not know or did not want to know about China today.

First, I present to you a short historical and geographical overview; second, you will see a different social and economic outlook based on the continued economic growth for the last decades.

I will conclude with a brief overview of the effects of the recent (2008) global economic crisis, of which China has benefited rather than suffered, like any good organization well prepared at all times.

As a bonus, I'm talking about the recent market release of the Agricultural Bank of China (ABC), at the same time on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange and Shanghai, the largest issue of shares in the world's history.

What is happening in China?

  1. An Historical Overview<
  2. A Geographical Overview<
  3. The Economic Growth of China<
    1. Some Other Major Economic Indicators
  4. Some Economic and Social Perspectives<
  5. The 2008 Global Economic Crisis<
  6. The Agricultural Bank of China<
  7. FAW<