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Some Comparisons Between China and Québec

By Bernard


Some differences between Quebec and China
Description Québec China
Currency CDN Dollar (1$ = 4, 5 or 6 RMB) RMB (Y)
City bus $2.75 per ride, with intermodal transfer, possibility of discount notes, or weekly, or monthly One or 2Y per trip without transfer; discount card
Trains Montreal-Toronto $139 to $223 200Y to 500Y for 1000km depending on the quality of the train
Ethnicity Multi-ethnic; nationalities visible, especially in Montréal Mono-ethnic; 92% Han, minorities mostly not visible
Cities Extended with low buildings, except downtown Highly concentrated, usually 7 floors, new construction above 20 storeys
Politeness Handicap and less mobile people first Women leave their seats to men and everyone gives priority to children
Children Very poorly educated, unruly Sages, silent
Women Their up is low and their low is up! Beautiful, neat layout, reserved
Health Widespread obesity Everybody seems healthy
Food Extreme Hygiene Poor hygienic conditions
Smoking Prohibited in public places They smoke everywhere; some restrictions in public places
Pollution In the city, average; in the countryside, very low Everywhere high
Schools Usually free, costs incurred by the Government for both public and private schools City permanent residents have free access; others need to pay
Colleges Free or low tuition  According to the school quality
Hospitals State monopoly; socialist system Competition, public and private, at the expense of the user, with little government contributions
Roads Badly maintained  Continuous development
Taxis Beautiful and expensive Good service at low cost
Restaurants Clean, good food, expensive Deficient hygiene without kitchen concept, ridiculous cost
Food stores Supermarket Junk food, craft service, minimum cost
Hairdresser  Service 5 days/week, $15 and more Service 7 days/week, 40Y for my dye, 2Y for a single cut
Cars Kingdom! Same cost than here, in development
Gaz Max about $1.50/liter, variable Governement decision; 40Y/l plus
Mariage The first wedding at variable ages, then many others The first at 25, generally stable
Divorce Multiple, easy access Rare, source of social disgrace
Family Generally extinct Fundamental basis of the relationship
Public servants Arrogant, haughty  Polite, helpful