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At the Restaurant

By Bernard
At the Restaurant

I invite you to dinner.
Welcome (formal).
How many people will come?
The dining room is not far.
Do you want to sit here?
Look at the menu, please.
Ravioli with vegetables.
(The boy has control ...)
Where is the toilet?
Do you have vinegar?
Does he smoke?
He smokes. / He does not smoke.
It gives me a cup of tea.
This is a good guy.
This is my friend.
How Much?
The total bill is 50Y.
Here is your change.
Do not forget anything, please.
Until next time (at the restaurant).
20 Trips
Where are you going?
What will you do while traveling?
Where are you planning to go?
What do you do?
I want to see the new China.
I want to go on a trip to China.
I wish you a good trip.
27 In classroom
How many students do you have?
Open the book, please.
Open the book to page 10, please.
Do you have a dictionary?
Chinese-English dictionary.
Is it a radio?
It's a radio.
I am writing a letter.
It is now three hours.

36 Pease
Which do you choose?
Why choose this first choice?

Why is this so important to you?

If you do not have that chance, what is your feeling?
Why you he upset?
If you had time and money, what would you do?
In 2 or 5 years, if you had all the money and all your free time, where would you go?

Wo3 qing3 ni3 chi1fan
Huan1ying2 guang1lin2
Qing3wen4 nin2 ji3 wei4?
Shi2tang2 bu4 yuan3
Zuo4 zhe4bian1 ke3yi3 ma?
Qing3 kan4 yi2 xia4 cai4dan1
Shu1cai4 xian4er jiao3zi
Nin2 dian3 de4 shi4 …
Ce4 suo3 zai4 na3er2?
You3 cu4 me?
Ta1 chou1yan1 ma?
Ta1 chou1yan1 / Ta1 bu4 chou1yan1
Ta1 gei3 wo3 yi4 bei1 cha2
Ta1 shi4 hao3 ren2
Ta1 shi4 wo3de peng2you3
Nin2 yi2 gong4 xiao1 fei4 le1 50 yuan2
Zhao3 nin2 qian2
Qing3 dai4 hao3 sui2 shen1 wu4 pin3
Huan1ying2 xia4 ci4 guan1lin2
Ni3 shang4nar3 qu4?
Ni chu1 qu4 zuo4 shen2me?
Ni3 hui4 qu4 nar3?
Ni3 xiang3 zuo4 shen2me ?
Wo3 xiang3 kan4kan4 xin1 Zhong1guo2
Wo3 yao4 qu4 Zhong1guo2 lü3xing2
Zhu4 ni3 yi2lu4 ping2'an1
Ni3 you3 duo1shao3 xue2sheng1?
Qing3 da3kai1 ke4ben3
Qing3 fan1dao4 di4 shi2 ye4
Ni3 you3 ci2dian3 ma
Han4ying1 ci2dian3
Na4 shi4 shou1yin1ji1 ma?
Na4 shi4 shou1yin1ji1
Wo3 zheng4zai4 xie3 xin4
Xian4zai4 san1 dian3
Ni3de you1 xian1 xuan3 ze2 shi4 shen2me?
Ni3 wei4 shen2me hui4 xuan3 ze2 zhe4 zege4 ne?
Zhe4 wei4shen2me due4 ni3 ru2guo3ci3 zhog4 you4 ne?
Ru2guo3 mei2 you3 zhe4 zhong3 ji1 hui4, you4 hui4 zen3 ma yang4 ne ?
Ni3 wei4shen2me hui4 zen3 ma yang4 me ?
Ru2guo3 ni3 you3 qian2 you3 shi2 jian1 ni3 hui4 zuo4 shen2me?
Zai4 liang3 dou4 wu3 nian2ne, ru2guo3 ni3 you3 qian2 you3 shi2jian1, ni3 xiang3 qu4 nar3?