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Benevolence in Confucius Analects

By Bernard

Confucius lived from 551 to 479 BC.  All his life, he has been teaching and travelling across what was China at that time.  He compiled many books from previous teachers and rulers, but he never wrote any thing by himself.  On the other hand, his disciples have done the same thing, meaning compiled the teaching of their master in what is called The Analects of Confucius.

From these writings, I extracted everything related to benevolence, which is the most important concept from the teaching of Confucius: the Words.  From these extracts, I composed this presentation of the benevolence as seen by Confucius, first a Resume, then a Draft, later the final text: Benevolence.  Most of the wordings are from the translation of Cai Xiqin.

  1. Benevole<nce: the Words<
  2. Benevole<nce: a Resume<
  3. Benevolenc<e: a Draft<
  4. Benevolence<
    1. What Benevolence is
    2. What Benevolence Is Not
    3. How to Become Benevolent
    4. What Benevolence Is Bringing to You
    5. Is Benevolence Difficult