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Some Exemples of the New Economy

By Bernard

Vhere are some exemples to help understanding these new Economic Laws :

Today, I buy ma car trhough adealer. The producer being GM or any other. This dealer is a go-between, as any other thing that help to finalize the purchase of the car.

Maybe this consumer went on Internet to grab some information before buying his car. The producers of these informations are the owner and operator of that server on Internet, or whatever who is producing and managing the site, the hub or the connections; they are paid for their service accordingly to their contract.
A search engine helped the consumer in his research. This search engine was built by some cleaver programmer who probably became millionnaire! This search engine in managed by a very succesful IT company who receives its income from publicity advertising.

The consumer also consulted some other informations, as advertisements flyers. These flyers are produced by the producer in order to inform the over all population. Many citizens consult there flyers without paying for them. The one who is paying is the only one who is buying the car at the agreed price, as he is also paying for all the different parts of the car, even if there is not such a list of these parts, neither of all the other costs.