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The New Economy

By Bernard

These files present to you a course on the new economy, the information economy as opposed to the economy of goods and services.

What is the differences between the factories of the Industrial Revolution and the Internet, and other information systems of this twenty first century?

The Content of this Book

  1. The Definition of the New Economy<
    1. Comparing the Traditional and the New Economies
    2. The Earliest Insights
    3. The New Information Market Laws
    4. The Precursors of the New Economy
    5. The Standards
    6. The Critical Mass
  2. The Market Laws<
    1. The Market by Itself
    2. Some Exemples in the New Economy
    3. Some Implicit Thinking
      1. Sales by Car Dealers
      2. Advertisement Flyer
    4. The Internet in the New Economy
  3. The Two Forces<
    1. The separation of the Information Economy and the Economy of things, and
    2. The explosion in the New Economy of the constraint between «Richness» and «Reach».
    3. Understanding
    4. The daily news papers
    5. The banks and
    6. The car sales.
  4. The Moore’s Law <




The Market Laws
The Market by Itself
Some Exemples in the New Economy
Some Implicit Thinking
The Internet in the New Economy
Advertisement Flyer
The Two Forces