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The Terrorism

By Bernard

The Cold War ended, the world has blown. It was the Clinton years and the launch of the commercial Internet to the IT bubble.

With Bush Jr., the Americans created the fight against terrorism.  This is what allowed the U.S. military-industrial-complex to regain control of politics and the US economy, with its direct consequence on the financial crisis of 2008, which continues.

I present here a few research reports from my students on fighting terrorism:

  1. La tragédie du 11 septembre 2001
  2. Bush père et fils contre l'Irak
  3. Une guerre contre-insurrectionnelle
  4. La création d’une agence de sécurité
  5. Le budget militaire du Canada
  6. Les Forces canadiennes
  7. L'équipement des Forces canadiennes

I put them on my French site, without translation.<  Enjoy them

  1. Problems of Today<
    1. Fresh Water Reserves
    2. Global Warming
    3. Canadian Civilian Support
    4. Energy Crisis
    5. Dealing with Terrorism vs. Tourism
    6. Statistics on the Problems
    7. Mediagraphy on the Problems
    8. Conclusion on the Problems
  2. The 2008 War in South Ossetia<
    1. Russian Participation
    2. Equipment Used
    3. The War in Cyberspace
    4. Consequences for the Geo-Political Situation in the Area
    5. Impact on the Georgian Economy
    6. Mediagraphy on Ossetia War
    7. Conclusion on Ossetia War