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The State Capitalism

By Bernard

The State capitalism is a reaction to multinationals.  Every action causes a reaction.  Here is a thought easy to accept.  Countries had to fight the growth of multinational corporations, also called the Trusts.

To go along with different ways of living their socialism, some countries have invented new styles of capitalism. By mixing the right ingredients, namely capitalist production, socialist socio-political organization and the same technologies than the multinationals, they have created different types of state capitalism.

The State capitalism is a rather ordinary capitalist system, except with respect to the owners of the means of production, which are becoming the States, governments, public corporations or communities.
We could see four types of state capitalism:

  1. The Soviet State Capitalism<
    1. The First State Capitalism
    2. The Changes in the East
      1. Perestroika
      2. Yeltsin Got Gorbachev Under its Boot
      3. Yeltsin's Presidency
      4. The Presidencies of Vladimir Putin
        1. Putin Political Debut
        2. Putin First Two Presidencies
        3. Medvedev and Putin
        4. The Third Putin's Presidency
      5. The Economic Reforms
        1. The Price Liberalization
        2. The Privatizations
        3. The Budget Deficit
        4. The Results of the De-Sovietization
        5. The Lessons Learned in Russia
    3. Change in the West
  2. The Scandinavian State Capitalism<
  3. The Capitalist or Oil State Capitalism<
    1. An Introduction to Oil
    2. More About Oil
      1. What Oil Is
      2. The Making of Oil
      3. The Exploitation of Oil
      4. The Transportation of Oil
      5. Pollution by Oil
      6. Oil and the Agricultural Crisis
      7. Alternatives to Oil
    3. OPEC or The Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries.
      1. The Origin of OPEC
      2. The Members of OPEC
      3. The Evolution of OPEC
      4. The History of OPEC
      5. The Weaknesses of the OPEC
      6. More on OPEC
    4. A Scarce Resource Cause of Conflicts
      1. Oil Conflicts
      2. The 1973 Oil Crisis
      3. The Inequality Between Oil Countries
      4. Large Oil Reserves
      5. War For Oil
      6. Oil as a Magnet for War
      7. The Unstoppable Use of Oil
    5. The Production of Oil
      1. The Production Forecast
      2. World Crude Oil Production
      3. Petroleum Processing
    6. The Price of Oil
      1. 7 Sisters and OPEC
      2. The Price of Oil in 1990s
      3. Changes in the Price of Oil
      4. The Price of Oil is Rising
      5. Oil on the Stock Exchange
      6. The Value of Oil
    7. About Fuel
      1. What is AQUIP?
      2. The Price of Fuel
      3. Oil Refineries in Québec.
      4. Gas Emissions
      5. Some Tips to Save Fuel
    8. A Mediagraphy on Oil
    9. A Conclusion on Oil
  4. The State Capitalism in Canada and Québec<
    1. The State Capitalism in Québec
    2. Québec Hydro
    3. The Former Petro-Canada

Before proceeding to review questions of systems.<