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The Multinationals

By Bernard

The Multinationals:  Creation and Issues   

The evolution of the economy towards its globalization was not achieved simply by prayer.  Economic agents are important writers and actors unrepentant.  Multinationals are deemed to have caused this movement.  

How did this happen?

Let’s see first what are these multinational companies abd how they could spread so fast every where in recent decades:

  1. The Definition of a Multinational<
  2. The First Multinational<
    1. SO, ESSO and EXXON
    2. Monroe Jack Rathbone
    3. Esso 2003-1
  3. Other US Multinationals<
  4. Non-US Multinationals<
  5. The Multinational Issues<
    1. The Transmission of the Resources
    2. The Orientation of the Multinationals
    3. The Evolution of the Product

Then we can tackle their opponent: the state capitalism<. I add a word about the trusts in the Book on production. <