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On Labour in the Systems

By Bernard

This is one of the questions that interest me the most. I did several searches on this topic, but I did not find what I was looking for. I therefore appeal to all. If you find some interesting things, especially about the origins of wage labour, which coincided with the Industrial Revolution, let me know. I thank you in advance.

I go back to a statement I just made: "The origins of wage labour ... coincide with the Industrial Revolution."  Indeed, in pre-capitalist systems, as we have seen in the previous course,
there is no question of wage labour.

After an introduction to the subject, I propose you my original study on the time worked in a human life, followed by other perspectives on labour and working time according to the following:

  1. An Introduction to Labour and Wages<
  2. The Working Time<
    1. The Life Expectancy of a Worker
    2. The Years of Work
    3. The Days of Work
    4. The Hours of Work
    5. The Working Hours in One’s Life
  3. The First Things First<
    1. The Personal Organization of One’s Time
    2. The Pursuit of True North
    3. The Law of the Farm
    4. The Urgency vs. the Importance
  4. The New Art of Time<
  5. The Productive and the Unproductive Labour<
  6. The Nominal Wages and The Real Wages<

Then we discuss the multinationals<.