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The Great Explorers of NA

By Bernard

The epic of the discoverers of Europeans in Northern America is divided into three stages.

  1. Norwegians, Icelanders, Greenlanders and others who came for trade and fishing.  This first group is composed of European fishermen who came to the banks of Newfoundland before thinking of the continent itself.  There were the Vikings, including Erik the Red, who founded a colony in Greenland.  His son did the same on Newfoundland, around the first millennium.  With these fishermen also came whalers and other marine mammals hunters.
  2. French, British and others who came to find the route to India.  The second group consists of traders who came to establish trading posts with the first inhabitants.  After the Vikings, all the peoples of Europe came one after the other and war was the method used for the most powerful kingdoms established their hegemony.  Less powerful or defeated kingdoms had to resign themselves to piracy and smuggling while waiting to find their rightful share in the trade of the NA.
  3. French, British and others who came to settle there as settlers.  This third group is composed of the colonizers, that is to say newcomers established permanently.  For example, Champlain founded Quebec in 1608 and the colony prospered slowly but permanently until today.  All the kingdoms of Europe did the same, each choosing his favorite place.

Let's first look at some of these explorers:

  1. The First Great Explorers<
  2. An Irishman Visited us in the Fifth Century<
  3. The Norwegian Erik the Red<
  4. Leif Ericson Arrives in America<
  5. Hunters and Fishermen to NA<
  6. The Discovery of the Azores<
  7. The First Trading Posts in NA<
  8. John Cabot<
  9. Giovanni da Verrazzano<
  10. The Voyages of Jacques Cartier<
    1. The First Voyage of Jacques Cartier
    2. The Second Voyage of Jacques Cartier (1535)
    3. The Second Voyage of Jacques Cartier (1536 )
  11. The Northwest Passage<
    1. The Passage to India
    2. The First Attempts
    3. Other Tests via the Pacific
    4. Some Exploration from the Continent
    5. John Franklin
    6. The Discovery of the Passage