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The Eastern Townships, Québec, Canada

By Bernard

Teacher note:  This course was never officially recognized by the Ministry, neither by the College I was teaching in, but I think that any student should know more about its own origine, meaning its onw region.  Being a professor in Eastern Townships, being born there too, I prepared this short analysis of the Economy of the Eastern Townships.  My goal is simply to introduce the Economy of the Eastern Townships.

The Eastern Townships were maybe the only territory in the Americas never inhabited by the First Nations before the coming of the Europeans at the end of the eighteenth century.  Why did my ancestors came there?  What were they looking for?  What did they find?  Why the Canadian industrial Revolution did begin in Sherbrooke?  How Sherbrooke became the biggest city in Canada for a few years?

The Content of this chapter:

  1. A Short History of the Eastern Townships<
    1. The Orignal Territory and its First Inhabitants
    2. The Management of the Land
    3. The Seigneurial System in ET
    4. The Land Plotting Policy
  2. The Geography of the Eastern Townships<
    1. The Territory of the ET
    2. The First Settlements in the ET
    3. The Founding of Sherbrooke
    4. Adam Lomas
  3. The Early Population<
    1. The First Four groups
    2. The Durham Report
    3. The Catholic Problem: Parish and Tithe
    4. The BALC
    5. The Eastern Towhships after 1867
  4. The Famous Alexander Tilloch Galt<
    1. John Galt, the Father
    2. Alexander Tilloch Galt
    3. The Plot of Land
    4. The British American Land Company
    5. The Industrial Policy
    6. The Railroad
    7. The Reciprocity Treaty
    8. The Confederation
    9. The Life and Influence of Galt