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Some Questions for Reviewing the Basic Notions

By Bernard
  • Present the value.  Discuss different forms of valule:  use value and exchange value.
  • Discuss about the needs and the scarcity.
  • Discuss about the opportunity, the productivity, the profitability and the rate of return.
  • Give two faces of the economic problematic.
  • Give one caracteristic of the method of the economist and compare it to the one of another science.
  • Present the method of Cobweb to find the equilibrum from an irrational situation.
  • How to link the notion of "value" and the one of "economic goods"?
  • Give the exemple of a very scarce good without any value and, on theother hand, a good easy to get, but very expensive.
  • Distinguish between use value and exchange value.
  • What will set the price of a good.
  • Distinguish between essential and non exssential goods.  What is the use of this choice?
  • Classify the economic goods.  Give precise exemples for each class.
  • Who is making the economic choices?
  • Are they any people who choose for others?  Give exemples.
  • How are wee choosing beteeen different goods?  Give exemples.
  • How to make the mesurement of an economic risk?
  • What is the mesurement of the economic risk?  Give exemples.
  • What is the income of an investment without risk?
  • Who should pay for the protection of the environment?  The polluters?   The ecologists?  The producers?  The consumers?  The government?  For each of them, give exemples and explain your choices.

After these questions for review, we will have some other tools for easier learning:

  1. The Definitions of the Basic Notions<
  2. The Exercice #2<
    1. The Answers to exercice #2<
  3. The Exercice #3<
    1. The Answers to Exercice #3<
  4. The Network of the Concepts<