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On Needs

By Bernard

Humans have needs.  These needs are fundamental, natural and innate.  The young baby will make everybody to know his needs, until they are satisfied.  Needs are also unlimited, boundless, infinite.  Even Bill Gates has more needs, maybe not about money, but other needs of higher value.  As human, our needs are never satisfied.  We always aim to something better, higher.  And this is good and normal.

Because of the reality, we cannot always get what we need;  the nature of our world is different than our brain:  it is limited. We may feel frustrated sometimes, but this is the reality of our world.

What could we do with a $100 bill found?  Or an unexpected income of $1000?  With a bigger lotery gain, maybe up to one million?  Easy to spend.  And later, more needs!

The welfare recipients have more needs that we can fulfill and it is easy to understand.  Any worker want a payrise.  Our whole society want more food, more goods and services;  it is difficult to restrain our society and the result is inflation or some bubbles on the stock market or real estate.

Our lifestyle is higher than anytime in the history.  Our street workers have a more confortable house, with running water, hot water, electricity and all the electronics, compare to Louis XIV in Versailles or George I in Winsor Castle or even Wanli, the Ming Emperor in the Forbiden City.

Even the people in the poorest country in our world, like Haïti or Zimbabwe, live longer and better than the people who lived in the kingdom of Louis XIV, George I or Wanli.