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On Goods and Wealth: About Money

By Bernard

Value is fundamental.  Then, the economy deals with money!

But money, we have seen it, means nothing.  What could you do in a hot desert with one million of paper money?  Even with one million of gold, or silver, or diamonds, or anything else than water... and food?

So, money is important if it means to have some good or service.  People with a lot of goods are said to be rich and wealthy.   Most of the people want to have a lot of goods and services for their lifestyle.  New rich people like to show their new wealth driving the newest expensive car and living in the most expensive house in town.  What about the movie stars, sports stars...


Tiger Woods property in Jupiter Island, Florida;  paid maybe 50 millions US$

We will discuss that reality, with the help of Robert Kiyosaki, meaning the help of his rich dad (1895-1983).  I'll add my perception, inspired by the wellknown Pavlov:

  1. Economic Fundamentals<
  2. The Classification of the Goods and Services<
    1. Special Needs
    2. Basic Needs
    3. Consumer Goods and Investment
    4. Durable And Non Durable Goods
    5. Public and Private Goods
    6. A Matter of Semantics : Good or Product
  3. True Wealth and Money<
    1. Money in the Bible
    2. On Wealth and Riches
    3. On Wealth and Poverty
    4. Rich Dad's Sayings
    5. How To Prepare For Retirement
      1. The Income of One's Life
      2. To Be a Québec Millionnaire
      3. Financing your Retirement
      4. The Hitch-Hicking Retirement
      5. Who is Paying for Retirees
      6. An Extreme Case
    6. Define Your Dream
      1. The Short Term with Goals
      2. The Long Term with Goals
      3. Do Not Let Anyone To Steal Your Dream!
  4. The Income<
  5. The Prosumer<
  6. On Pavlov and Money<
    1. The Conditioned Reflex
    2. The Excitation and The Inhibition
    3. The Stereotypes
    4. The Personalities
    5. A Conclusion on Pavlov