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A Conclusion on Pavlov

By Bernard

My personal experience.

Today, with my three pensions, I try to change my perception and my attitude versus money.  My safety is assured and that security is foolproof.  For example, I have not lost a simgle penny to the recent financial crisis, which continues to affect the United States and throughout the world;  beside that, I had not lost more than during previous crisis.

Tomorrow, talking about my next fifty years of my life, I can look at the future differently than before.  In 2003, I remembered the advice of one of my friends then already retired, Charles Labbé fromThree Rivers, who had advised me to decide at the beginning of my retirement the main dream of the rest of my life.  That is why I decided to go and live in China as soon as possible:  I flew there only five days after the official signing my retirement.

In 2003, this decision was risky.  I experienced these risks:  strong pollution, indigestion, different culture, frustrations, mutual incomprehension, among others.  Today, I can say that my excitement and my Chinese inhibitions always invite me to stay there and I became more Chinese every day.

Obviously , I did decide, with a few days notice, to change this decision:  what I could loose by leaving Changchun with a few days notice?  Certainly less than I left behind me leaving Quebec in 2003! 

And how does money fit in?  Here is my answer. China is a country of the future and this future had started at the end of the 1970.  Look at some recent economic statistics:  the GDP of China is growing steady, even after 2008. while the Western countries, except Canada, had lost a lot and they all have problems of their own.

That's other people's money and I do not speak of my own money.  I keep it to myself, and my advisors have fruit in their branches.  I just add that my standard of living in China was incomparable with the standard of living that I could enjoy in Quebec at that rime (2003-2013) with my current income. Today, I can speak with experience.

As for my future, I'm now back in Canada, not because I didn't like China, but because I got married there and my wife decided to live in Canada!  This is not an economic decision!

With the downward trend in Western currencies compared to the Renminbi, with the fantastic economic growth of China, supported by a potential barely touched with more than 50 % of its workers still busy in the fields with prehistoric tools and I might add other positive elements, my excitements are very strong while my inhibitions, these negatives thoughts, are lost in the local mist.

I know some of you do not share this vision and I don't accept it.  OK!  This is your life and I live mine.  And this is not fundamentally a question of money, please take my word for it.  It is a matter of conditioned reflexes!