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Some Essays on Pedagogy

By Bernard

I present here some of my essays on pedagogy. They are jumbled together.

Some Essays on Pedagogy

  1. On Economics Without Mathematic<
    1. On Pedagogy
    2. On the Science of Economy
    3. On the Reforms in Curricula
    4. On the Teaching of Economy
  2. On Success in Learning<
    1. On Academic Success
    2. How to Help the Students to Learn?
      1. My Impressions
      2. Two Projects
      3. The Exercisers
    3. On the Study Time of the Students
      1. A Survey of the Literature on the Subject
      2. On Academic Achievement and the Effort
      3. On the Student Time at Work
      4. Another Survey
    4. More on Constructivism
    5. On Teachers Pay on Merit
    6. Some Notes on Dyslexia
      1. On Dyslexia
  3. On skills<
    1. A Letter on Skills
    2. Competence and Competents
    3. Three Letters in Response
    4. The Criteria of a Good Teacher
    5. Some Student Testimonials
    6. How to Learn?
      1. Unconsciousness and Incompetence
      2. Consciousness and Incompetence
      3. Consciousness and Competence
      4. Unconsciousness and Competence
  4. Emotional Intelligence with Salovey & Mayer<
  5. Emotional Intelligence with Godeman<
    1. Human Intelligence Development
    2. Operations
    3. IQ and EQ
    4. Know thyself
    5. Passion’s slaves
      1. The anatomy of rage
      2. Anger builds on anger...
      3. Soothing anxiety: what, me worry?
      4. Managing Melancholy
      5. Repressors: Upbeat Denial
    6. The Master’s Aptitude
      1. Foul Moods, Fouled Thinking
      2. Pandora’s Box and Pollyanna: the Power of Positive Thinking
      3. Optimism: the Great Motivator
      4. Flow: the Neurobiology of Excellence
      5. Learning and Flow: a New Model for Education
    7. The Roots of Empathy
      1. How Empathy Unfolds
      2. The Well-Attuned Child
      3. The Cost of Misattunement
    8. The Social Arts
      1. Show Some Emotion
      2. Expressiveness and Emotional Contagion
      3. The Rudiments of Social Intelligence
      4. The Making of a Social Incompetent
      5. Emotional Brillance:  A Case Report…  Martial art.
  6. The Attitude is the Attitude<
    1. The Attitude, by J. Lee Conan
      1. Thoughts are the Attitude
      2. Words are the Attitude
      3. Actions are the Attidude
    2. Keeping the People's Sympathy: a Classic from Dale Carnegie
    3. How to Make Friends Easily, by an Imitator of the Previous
    4. Primary Motivating Factors

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