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On Education in Québec

By Bernard

Québec is one of the first countries of the world to have a free public education system.

Development of education and the teaching of economics date, in Quebec, the first part of the nineteenth century. In addition, a striking parallel appears between the evolution of education and the economy itself. The development of economic ideas preceded the development of the economy!

On Education in Quebec in general, let’s see these notes:

  1. Joseph François Perreault<
  2. The Sydenham School Law<
  3. The Good Results of the First School Law<
  4. The Catholic Church and the Education<
  5. Adam Smith and the Education<
  6. Some Research Reports on Education in Quebec<
    1. Education
      1. Three Non Economic Problems of Education
      2. Differentiation between Public and Private Schools
      3. Smaller Provinces vs. Larger Provinces
      4. Statistics on Education
      5. Mediagraphy on Education
      6. Conclusion on Education
    2. Creating a Flight Training School
      1. Location and Infrastructure
      2. Meteorological Reports and Weather:
      3. Selecting the Right Aircraft and Ground Support Crew
      4. Fuel for the aircrafts
      5. Mediagraphy on Flight Training
      6. Conclusion on Flight Training

Before Learning Économics in Québec. <