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On Social Sciences Studies in CEGEP

By Bernard

This is the social science program today in Vanier College:

"View the Program Grid.  This is a two-year pre-university program, which prepares students for further studies at university. Students in Social Science study aspects of human life in the past, present and future as a means to understand the complexities of life. Current issues and problems can be examined from the perspective of many different disciplines.

"In the job market today there is an increasing demand for well-educated generalists who have a broad-based knowledge of their world and society, together with valuable interpretive and communication skills. Such people can perform well in many different career areas and have the flexibility to manage a number of career changes during the course of their lives. Training in the Social Sciences offers all of this and more - including an opportunity for students to explore their interests in a number of different disciplines during their studies at Cegep.

"Program Objectives:

  • to introduce students to a wide range of Social Science disciplines
  • to gain an understanding of the concepts fundamental to the Social Sciences
  • to develop the students' ability to use the basic components of Social Science methodology
  • to apply Social Science knowledge in everyday life
  • to help students acquire the analytical, critical and practical skills, including familiarity with computers, necessary for employment in the 21st century and,
  • to prepare students for university studies in the Social Sciences and related fields.

"Disciplines Taught

  • Anthropology
  • Biology (university pre-requisite)
  • Business/Commerce
  • Economics
  • Geography
  • History
  • Mathematics
  • Philosophy
  • Political Science
  • Psychology
  • Religious Studies
  • Sociology

"Program of Study.  The Social Science Program consists of 29 courses (28 for those students who choose to take three math courses) taken over a two-year period. Each year is divided into 2 semesters and each semester is 15 weeks in duration. Social Science students are not required to take mathematics, but those who wish to do so may take from 1-3 mathematics courses. Those students who need biology and/or advanced statistics as university pre-requisites may choose to take these. All students must take 14 General Education courses( English, Humanities, French, Physical Education, Complementary courses) and 15 Social Science Program Courses Concentration courses.

Careers for Social Science Graduates.  By acquiring a broad understanding of society across a range of different Social Science disciplines, a good basic grounding in research, skills in written expression and oral presentation, with computer skills and experience in working cooperatively in groups, Social Science students find a demand for their skills in a number of professions. Listed below are a number of career opportunities for Social Science students with university degrees:

• Advertising • Banking • Business • Civil service • Counselling • Criminology • Economic analysis • Education • Environmental monitoring and protection • Hospital Administration • Human Relations • International Relations • Journalism • Labour Relations • Law • Overseas Development • Psychology (research or therapy) • Public Relations • Social Analysis • Social Work • University Teaching • Urban and regional planning