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On Learning Economics in Québec

By Bernard

The question is when the first course about economy was implemented in Québec schools?

One may wonder when began the teaching of economics in the public schools in Quebec.  It seems that the economy has always been regarded as all those other poor courses: drawing, hygiene, music ...

The first course was implemented in 1888 in the academic program.  In the agricultural program of complementary primary school (grade 8-9), the first course began in 1923.  In the commercial program of the superior schools, the course began in 1937.  And more courses n different program later.

All these courses were offered only to the boys.  The first economic course for girls was implemented in 1969!  For sure, this was for the Catholic schools.  More in the French website<.  I don't know about the Protestant schools!

Let's look at how economics is doing in Québec Schools and colleges now:

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Before talking about learning in itself.<