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Some Questions for Reviewing this Science

By Bernard
  • Define the economy and comment this definition.
  • What is the object of the economy?
  • How do you make the difference between the economy and the other human sciences?
  • How do you make the difference between the economy and the other social sciences?
  • Give two caracteristics of the economists.
  • Draw the diagram of the sciences and comment this diagram.
  • Situate the economy in the diagram.
  • Specify the origine and the general meaning of the three school of thought of the economy, being the political economy, the economics and the economic education.
  • Which is the most important difference between the macroeconomics and the microéconomics? How important is this difference?  Comment.
  • Show the three fondamental techniques otf the economic analysis.
  • Make a review of some economist's previews.  Were they exact?
  • Write an interview with an economist.
  • Comment a recent economic report using the tools of the economic analysis.
  • What were the moral values of the education system in nineteenth century?  How there values did influence the economy of Québec?  Discuss the consequences.
  • What was the main achivement of Joseph François Perreault?  What is the value of his educative actions?
  • Narrate the history of the economic teaching in Québec.  Specify the three important periods.
  • What was the state of the Québec schools in 1842?  What was the state of the Québec schools in 1866?  What happend to change the situation?  What was the state of alphabetization at that time?  Compare with some countries in 1960?  In 1980?  Now?
  • How the economic teaching did change in the Québec highschools during the decade of 1980?
  • What was the major change in the human science programm in the CEGEP in 1991?
  • What was the change in the teaching of the science of economy in 1991?
  • What is the difference in the new program implemented in 2002?

After these questions for review, let's go to these new tools to help you to learn:

  1. The Definitions of this Science<
  2. Find the Relationship #1<
    1. Answers to Relationship #1<
  3. Dreaming<
  4. Experimenting<