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The Method and Tools of the Economists

By Bernard

The method of a science consists of all the tools which the specialists of that science are using every day.

The economists have the reputation to use a lot of data and graphics.  Compared to the specialists of the other human sciences, the economists are showing some maths tendencies!  Don't forget that the main sources of data for most of the economists are from Statistics Canada and are available for everybody!  Now, let's look at these tendencies:

  1. On Data<
  2. On Graphs<
  3. On Rates<
  4. On Model<
    1. The Rationality of the Model
      1. The Independent Variables
      2. The Dependent Variables
    2. The Closed Models
    3. Al Qaeda as an Economic Model
  5. Your research<
    1. The First Report
    2. The Second Report
    3. The Third Report
    4. The Forth Report
    5. The Fifth Report
    6. The Sixth Report
    7. The Seventh Report
    8. The Eight Report

Before looking at Québec Éducation.<

The greatest 

master in Method is surely René Descartes, a French Scientist of the XVII century.  You may read his master work:  "Discours sur la méthode" in French< as published in 1637 and you find it up to date!