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Conclusion on Tourism

By Bernard

In my future when I plan on travelling I will begin to take into account the damage and the economic impact that I will be causing. I may be pumping money into a foreign economy, but in the long run I may be destroying that very economy as my activities and the activities of millions of other tourists may destroy the area. I will take into account were I am going, what I am spending my money on and the amount of water that I waste while on vacation. Maybe perhaps in my future I will decide to plan a tree instead of driving to New York for a weekend. I believe that if we all pitch in and do a little extra work, and we cut out the unnecessary part of our vacations, trips and even our daily lives that we can lessen the impact that our actions have on the environment while boosting the economy and putting the money spent trying to reverse the damage towards looking for things such as the cure for cancer or pulling a war torn country out of poverty and pushing them forward in the international economy.

As a person very interest in world travel it is a great concern to me that we tourists continue to exploit the younger nation, and even the older nations of the first world to the point where the economic loss is greater than the economic gains of tourism. Tourists have an adverse effect on the environment, the economy, the inflation of a country, and the exploitation of cheap labour. As far as the health impacts that tourism brings, it frightens me to know that I may one day travel to a country experiencing and epidemic and the government has kept it hidden from the foreign nations. It also concerns me that myself and other travellers may potentially carry back these deadly viruses and diseases back to our home country and cause a major loss in our tourism industry and the economy in general. I hope that the day comes were no one will worry about the ozone layer disappearing, when global warming has stopped and epidemics reduced to the point of extinction. That is the day that  I know only exists in a dream, and a dream that will most likely never come true.