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This is the Report Paper from OCdt Jennifer McGregor about Tourism.  Here are his original front page and table of contents.

Tourism and The Economy
OCdt McGregor, Jennifer
Economics 501
B. Gagne
CMR Saint-Jean

Part   Title                    

I      Introduction      
II     Non-Economic Problems
III    Economic Problems
IV   Conclusion
V    Mediagraphy

Introduction to Tourism and the Economy

Tourism is an industry that consists of three components. Tourism consists of the tourist, the supplier and the host community. A tourist is defined by the World Tourism Organization as ‘the activities of persons traveling to and staying in places outside their usual environment for not more than one consecutive year for leisure, business, and other purposes’, and their general goal is to get ‘the biggest bang for their buck’.  Thus the tourist may be travelling for leisure, business or family.  The supplier is the companies in which accommodations, transportation, food and leisure is provided by for the tourist and whose main goal is to maximize profits. The host community is the community in which the tourist is a guest to, and generally the goal is to generate income tax, increase employment opportunities, decrease poverty, while protecting the environment and preserving their culture.

The economy on the other hand consists of managing the resources of a community, the prosperity of the community, and the administration of the community. The resource and administration of the economy all bring in wealth and contribute to the overall prosperity of a community. Therefore the economy is mostly concerned with finances, and tourism industry brings in the ‘big buck’. As you can see by now the tourism industry is a faucet for the economy. Tourism provides jobs and brings wealth into a community. However, with the local population also using the same facilities and leisurely activities as the tourists it is extremely difficult to get a precise grasp of how much money tourism generates. Over the next few pages we will look at and evaluate both the economic and non economic problems that pertain to the tourism industry.

As previously pointed out, it is difficult to determine the full extent of impact that tourists have on the economy as the locals also use the same facilities and services. We will evaluate the problems of airports, their pollution and excessive noise, and the threat of terrorism.

Essentially, this report is based upon the materials and research I have done over the past few months.


  1. Non-Economic Problems of Tourism<
  2. Risks in Tourism<
  3. Destruction of the Environment by Tourists<
  4. Mediagraphy on Tourism<
  5. Conclusion on Tourism<