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Problems of Today

By Bernard

This is the Report Paper from OCdt Matthew Telfser about the Subprime Mortgage Crisis.  Here are his original front page and table of contents.

Problems of Today = Disasters of Tomorrow
Canada’s Armed Forces in an alarming economic crisis

OCdt Wray 986
Economy 501
Nov 24th 2008

Fresh Water Crisis
Global Warming
Military Support
Energy Crisis
Terrorism vs Tourism
My Future


The problems facing the Canadian Forces in the coming years are very numerous. We must deal with 5 key problems. We must face the emerging energy crisis in regards to our weapons, invasions of our territory as a result of global warming, the fresh water crisis, and finish off the threat of terrorism.

The following report is designed to present the problems as well as an idea of a solution as well as the link regarding it and my own future in the Canadian Forces. While all these problems and events seem interspersed and unrelated, they have all built up into the problems they are today over the years. The problems facing our military and our nation in the future are great but they can be overcome.

Problems of Today:

  1. Fresh Water Reserves<
  2. Global Warming<
  3. Canadian Civilian Support<
  4. Energy Crisis<
  5. Dealing with Terrorism vs. Tourism<
  6. Statistics on the Problems<
  7. Mediagraphy on the Problems<
  8. Conclusion on the Problems<