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Publicity Problems of the Movies

By Bernard

A problem in the movie industry is the fact that it is run by people. All of these movies that are made have a face, and that face is the face of the actor or actress that acts in that movie. It's all about publicity in that world. Every day you read in the news that someone was partying to hard, or someone's divorced from their significant other. All of these events can have a serious impact on the actor/actress or the movie it's self. Tom Cruise can be seen as a good example of this. Many years ago he was Hollywood's top action star in films like mission impossible and Top Gun. But in recent time that has faded when he made public that he was part of a religion called scientology. Not that there is anything wrong with believing on something but that he appeared to be a fanatic and not the cool action star he once was. The same can be said about Mel Gibson and his drinking and driving incident which he was reported saying racial slurs.