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Laziness and the Movies

By Bernard

This is close to lack of originality but the same. Many movies today are sequels or adaptations of another form of media; such as books, or video games. In the history of the industry it has shown that this is not a recipe for success. One of the best examples in recent history in the case of sequels is the new Indiana Jones film. Once a great series with a classic feel was destroyed by the director George Lucas trying to make it something it’s not, an over the top, almost super hero action movie. With computerized special effects the effort into movies has gone down. What was once a neat, elaborate experience for the viewer is now turned into a seemingly cheap, quickly thrown together scene with the Computer generated effects.. Video games and book adaptation rarely live up to their intended hype when they are created into movies. Some Directors like Uwe Boll have been quoted saying that they purposely make bad movies because it will still make them money. Books turned into movies also have the same fate with people who don’t care about the original content and are looking to make a quick buck at the expense of the entire industry. Not to say this is always the case, the series of harry potter has been well accepted by most