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The Movie Industry

By Bernard

This is the Report Paper from NCdt Malcolm Gardiner about the Movie Industry.  Here are his original front page and table of contents.

The Economics of the Movie Industry

Table of Contents
1. Introduction                Brief introduction in to what this report intends to do
2. Publicity Problems    The problem that happens when people are the faces of what you make and how their mistakes affect the moves
3. Lack of originality       Movies always the same story, how is it affecting sales?
4. Laziness                    Directors and writers prefer to use content already made like book, or previous movies.
5. Piracy                        People no longer going to movies, but instead they stay in, enjoy the movies for cheap.
6. Various Costs of making a movie    How much does it cost to pay an actor? Is it worth it?
7. Conclusion                How will this affect me?


Its Friday night, you are looking for something to do, while wondering you find a movie theatre, buy you ticket sit down in a chair build for comfort. The lights are low, you noticed you shoes stick to the floor slightly and you realize your shoelaces are not tied and have been dragging through whatever is on the ground. You make a mental not to buy more later, but for now you want to relax and enjoy the latest action flick. The Lights dim, music starts playing, your eyes widen anticipating the enjoyment to come. The Movie industry is a place known for shiny lights big stars and the thought that anything is possible.S

ince the early in the nineteenth century Hollywood has been the place to make movies. With seemly endless ideas and money rolling in there was no reason to think that power house that is Hollywood would ever slow down. Today Hollywood and the movie industry is still very strong expanding to new areas to find new profit.
Originally it was only theatres that could show the newest films which means theatres was the only way to make profit. But with the development of new technologies it has expanded far beyond the poorly lit, sticky floors of the theatre and in to our living rooms, offices, and in our pockets.

Since the begging of movies a lot has happened in the world of economics including a major depression, but how has this affected the industry? What changes could this new technology have over the sale of movies in theatres and at the home market?

The Movie Industry 

  1. Publicity Problems of the Movies<
  2. Lack of Originality of the Movies<
  3. Laziness and the Movies<
  4. Attendance in Theatre vs Film Piracy<
  5. Costs of Making a Movie<
  6. Mediagraphy on the Movies<
  7. Conclusion on the Movies<