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A Conclusion on the Airline Industry

By Bernard

In my future I plan to travel, to see the many wonders of the world and to celebrate the great monuments of mankind.  Come that time, my preferred mode of travel will be by air, as it is the quickest and most effective source of travel available.  However, with the many problems affecting the airline industry, I know that my dreams will be a little harder or a little more expensive to fulfill.  The increasing age of airplanes, when combined with the increasing price of jet fuel, a decrease in government grants, and the excess charges consumers are facing, will only increase the price of travel.  As the supply of oil decreases, the price for any trip anywhere will dramatically increase.  The increase of the price of oil, which is inefficiently used with older aircraft, will virtually make it impossible for me to travel anywhere at a reasonable price.  If the government cannot continue to put large investments into the airline industry, then an increase in ticket prices, accompanied by surcharges for almost anything, will inevitably follow.

In addition to the above, the cutting of jobs in the airline industry will affect my travel plans.  Employees are being laid off because airlines cannot afford to have so many staff.  Because airlines are removing staff, they are decreasing the number of flights they offer.  This will make it harder for me to enjoy my vacations and travels because I will have to work around the decrease in flights offered.  The airlines schedule could conflict with my own, reducing vacation time or even causing me to cancel my vacations completely.

If the airline industry continues on its downward trend, then one of two things will happen.  The industry itself will either fold, or have to adapt and find a new source of energy.  If it fails, and is forced to cease all operations, then the ability for me to fulfill my dreams will become more difficult and expensive.  However, if the airline industry is able to adapt, able to find a new source of energy, then it will continue to fly at new heights and not only help me in fulfilling my dreams, but help millions of others as well.