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4 Continents Restaurant

By Bernard

This is the Report Paper from OCdt J.E. Durrwachter about a 4 Continents Restaurant.  Here are his original front page and table of contents.

Business Plan: 4 Continents Restaurant
Final Economics Report
OCdt J.E. Durrwachter
Introduction to Economics
383-920-RE Gr501
November 13, 2008
Table of Contents

1. Introduction
Non-Economic Problems Explained

2. Non-Economic Problems Explained cont…
Economic Problems Explained
   Tangible Assets

3. Economic Problems Explained cont…

4. Economic Problems Explained cont…
   General Upkeep

5. Bibliography

6. Annex 1 – Operating Ratios

7. Annex 2 – Alcohol Licensing Fees

8. Annex 3 – Sales Growth

9. Annex 4 – Change in Traffic and Dollars

10. Annex 5 – Failure Rate Study

The food service industry is growing in Canada (Annex 3) and currently in Toronto it is on the rise, still recovering from the international uncertainty in the past decade; and the higher profitability of a fine dining establishment will increase the probability of profit of the planned eatery. My business plan is to open a restaurant in the downtown core of Toronto. This is a good time to open a restaurant because the cycle related to closures of newly opened restaurants is in a good position for a new venture to be opened. (Annex 5). This would hopefully become a Mecca of international cuisine.

I plan to have 4 chefs, each with their own kitchen in the restaurant; this will stop any fighting due to having more than one cook in a kitchen. The kitchens would be divided by the type of food they make. The restaurant itself would also be divided, having 4 dining areas as well as a separate bar. The 4 styles of food would be: Middle Eastern, Brazilian, Thai and French. I plan to name the restaurant the 4 Continents because there is a style of food from each continent.

4 Continents Restaurant

  1. Staffing the Restaurant<
  2. Menu of the Restaurant<
  3. Advertising for the Restaurant<
  4. Tangible Assets of the Restaurant<
  5. General Upkeep of the Restaurant<
  6. Some Statistics on Restaurant<
  7. Mediagraphy on the Restaurant<
  8. Conclusion on the Restaurant<