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Conclusion on Trucking

By Bernard

Myself, I’ve wanted to own a personal truck to turn it into a house, but the price of fuel made me change my mind.  On the other hand, if I managed to start my own trucking company, which almost requires you to be a millionaire, possibly I could own a truck to live in it and at the same time have an entire fleet of trucks.  To conclude this research project, starting a trucking company in today’s market is extremely hard to do, almost on the verge of being impossible.  You need to have the money and the connections in order to get started.  The currently operational companies have the advantage of the monopoly over you.  It will be extremely hard to pierce through the shield and gain clients.  There is one way to get started; start really small.  It is possible to start as an owner-operator working for a small local company.  That way, you will gain confidence and with the money that you can make out of it there is a chance to buy a second truck if you are successful enough and if you manage your resources.  You can work your way up the chain by buying a truck at a time and getting contracts here and there.  At one point, you will be able to go big.  The price of fuel will be an issue in the process, but if you manage your resources well enough, you should be able to pull it off.  A tip would be to try and start with an oil company.  You could transport oil products and make great money.  That way, you could easily win confidence if you don’t mess up and with the risk factor, there is a chance of making more money than if you drove for random, smaller companies.  This should be put to the test sometime…