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By Bernard

This is the Report Paper from Ocdt K. Black about the Trucking Industry.  Here are his original front page and table of contents.

Final Report

Starting a Trucking Company
Presented to
Bernard Gagné
Ocdt K. Black
Introduction to Economics
Course Number
Fall 2008

Sunday, November 30, 2008
Royal Military College Saint-Jean

Table of Contents

Ø Introduction of the Project
Ø Three non-economic problems related to trucking companies
- Getting into the market;
- Getting the Labour;
- Having to compete with bigger companies.
Ø Two main economic problems
-The costs of running an 18 wheeler
-The price of fuel;
-Maintenance and labour.
Ø Conclusion
Ø Sources
Ø Annexed documents


I decided to do this research on trucking companies and how the price of fuel affects everybody in the long run.  My dad has been in the trucking industry for at least 33 years now has gone from driving to vice-president of a company that runs 22 trucks, not the biggest company, but big enough to survive and compete with the giant companies such as Transforce, which is worth approximately 600 million dollars and operates approximately 7000 rigs.  


  1. Three Non-Economic Problems in Trucking<
  2. Fuel, Maintenance and Labour<
  3. Statistics on Trucking<
  4. Mediagraphy on Trucking<
  5. Conclusion on Trucking<