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Conclusion on Logistics

By Bernard

Learning more about the various tasks and challenges of logistics, especially about transport, finance, and supplies has been a great help in my understanding of what a logistician does. This will undoubtedly come in handy if I choose to become a Logistics Officer in the Canadian Forces, which I planned to do, by following in my father’s profession. I have gained new insight and a greater respect for what my father has done in his career. Learning about these things, like transportation and supplies, should make it easier to understand some of the tasks I will be set to do in the future. I may need to know the costs affiliated with transporting people and supplies to numerous places and operations in the world. I may also need to know more about finances, and how to make sure that I could manage the monetary assets productively. Wars can be won and lost due to logistical successes or failures, as an army can not fight if it does not have any weapons, supplies, transportation to the battle, etc. This is why logistics is vital to the Canadian Forces.

This graph shows the logistics index and how it was increasing over the months of this year until the economic crisis hit and caused it to drop. Logistics is just as affected as the rest of the economy with the economic crisis.